New guide on emotional abuse & Supernova news! ✊


A monthly email with all that’s happening in the Chayn universe. P.S. Chayn چین is an Urdu word and it means ‘solace / peace of mind’.


  • LAUNCH: We launched a new guide, “Manipulation is Abuse” on June 19. While physical abuse gets a lot of attention, we are still far from identifying psychological and emotional abuse as real problems. And that’s where our guide helps by shedding light on controlling behaviour and emotional abuse.

  • Supernova Project: After over a year of absolute glorious hard work, our first platform addressing abuse experienced by queer folk in their intimate relationships, is ready for launch. It’ll be coming later this month but before that, we need your help! We’re looking to crowdsource links to organisations, content, people globally who are offering support to queer people in abusive relationships. Made you think of something? Comment on our Facebook post here.


  • Good Friend Handbook: International Day of Friendship is on July 30th. We’ll be talking about what it is to be a good friend and sharing the stories of those who’ve helped women, and of course about our guide on social media this day!.

  • Supernova Project: The web platform is getting a makeover and we’re contacting journalists who are interested in this issue. Know someone who writes about queer issues? Connect us to them!

  • Manipulation is Abuse: After a fabulous launch, we are now working on making the guide accessible to a larger audience by gathering feedback from people who have been helped by the guide.


  • #VOM: Our volunteers of the month are Afsa for her being driven and amazing across projects and Harriet for her kick-ass project management skills in successfully launching Manipulation is Abuse!

  • BLOG: When it comes to recognising and acknowledging abuse, it is important to remember that support can be accessed by everyone, and is available to all, especially to the most vulnerable. Our take on marginalised communities and how they cope with manipulative abuse.


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  • Fundraising: There is still time to get a beautiful t-shirt, mug, tote bag or diary with the bespoke work of artists and illustrators for Chayn Italia - all proceeds will help us going and the goods are sourced ethically. Check this out and share with friends.


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