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A monthly email with all that’s happening in the Chayn universe. p.s. Chayn چین is an Urdu word and it means ‘solace / peace of mind’.



  • Our Good Friend Guide, aimed at anyone who wishes to support a person in an abusive relationship, is almost ready for launch and is just going through the last few changes.

  • The Supernova Project is in the process of building a website and is hoping to do a soft launch by early May.

  • Our Manipulation is Abuse guide, aimed at helping people to deal with manipulative people, is already packed with important resources and we aim to launch the first version by the end of this month. Read our pre-launch post here to know more!

  • Fahad did a ton of amazing work on improving the Soul Medicine platform: the signup process has been revamped so that users can now get messages in multiple languages and take multiple courses at the same time. The management of the course from the administrator’s side has also been made easier.

  • The DIY Online Safety guide has been online for 3 months and we are now planning on how to reach out to groups and organisations addressing women in situations of abuse in countries speaking at least one of the 8 languages in which the guide is available.

  • Look out for the Portuguese version of ‘How to Build your own Domestic Violence Case without a Lawyer’ which will be uploaded to Github shortly.

  • For our Chayn India Divorce Guide, we are working on brushing up the Laws for Women in India. We are hopeful that we can launch the divorce laws section by the end of this month We are also looking at revamping the graphics.

  • We are now collating more tips and highlighting useful tips for our Mental Health Toolkit. This project aims to gather tips and infographics on self-care and coping mechanisms. In our first research sprint, we already collected information from a variety of sources across the internet and ranked their suitability.


  • ICYMI: Read Jessica’s essay on the importance of ‘girl talk’ in the age of smartphones here.

  • Our amazing Francesca is organising a fundraising party for Chayn Italia in Rome on 28th April. There will be theatre, DJs ,booze and we will disseminate a brand new version of our leaflet as well as selling merchandise. Invites will be shared soon.

  • On the occasion of World Health Day, we took an opportunity to encourage all our peers, volunteers and audience to open up conversations on mental health. Read Olivia’s blog on it here.

  • We applaud our Chayn superstars who ran the Tech vs Abuse project from our end. This Comic Relief funded project was a collaborative effort by Chayn, Snook and SafeLives aimed at finding out how survivors of abusive relationships were using technology to their benefit.

  • ICYMI: We have a new course on How to be a Project Lead at Chayn! It is available on teachable here.


  • Communicators and social media! Want to use your talents to help our work?

  • Developers: Are you an experienced or budding developer looking to add to your portfolio? We are looking for help with our Soul Medicine project and maintaining our websites . Just fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

  • Fundraising: There is still time to get a beautiful t-shirt, mug, tote bag or diary with the bespoke work of artists and illustrators for Chayn Italia - all proceeds will help us going and the goods are sourced ethically. Check this out and share with friends.


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