Good Friend Handbook, Facebook Live & a new podcast ✊


A monthly email with all that’s happening in the Chayn universe. p.s. Chayn چین is an Urdu word and it means ‘solace / peace of mind’.


  • LAUNCH: We launched our Good Friend Guide on May 23, offering practical and simple advice on how to better support a friend in an abusive relationship. The guide was originally developed by Cagne Sciolte in Rome and has been remixed by Chayn.

  • BIRTHDAY: On May 20, we turned 4! Saheli writes an account of how we have scaled and are now on the path to become a global organisation. Read it here on our Medium.

  • LAUNCH: We launched the Chayn Impact Report 2016. To find out what Chayn has been up to last year, read it here.

  • LIVE: We hosted our first Facebook live to launch our 2016 Impact Report. It is now available on YouTube. If you missed it, have a look.

  • PODCAST: In the inaugural episode of podcast, Gupshup, we discuss our collaborative project, ‘TechVsAbuse’, where we worked on the use of technology by women in abusive relationships, and the organisations helping them. Hosted by journalist Rosie Spinks, it features Afsa Akbar from Chayn, Nissa Ramsay from Comic Relief and Penny East from Safe Lives. You can listen to it here on our SoundCloud page. Do leave us feedback!


  • Chayn India’s legal section has been updated. The mutual consent divorce section, along with its procedure, is ready.

  • Manipulative People Guide: Our Manipulation is Abuse guide is nearly ready for launch to be at your perusal! Keep an eye on our Facebook, and our Twitter for more details and our Medium for its launch next week.


  • #VOM: This month’s volunteers of the month are Olivia, Rachael and Peter for their amazing work in our communication team, Sawsan for being an incredible party planner and Zoe for her fantastic project management skills with the Good Friend Guide.

  • PODCAST: Here is why we are launching our own podcast, Gupshup (meaning ‘chitchat’ in Urdu), writes Sabin.

  • BLOG: Read Olivia’s account of how Ammal has created and cultivated a ripple effect for shared learning here.

  • BLOG: The Good Friend Guide inspired our team to write a few blogs. Kristin explained how a good friend can help someone who is going through abuse. Saheli wrote on why we decided to work on this guide. Zoe wrote about the importance of empowering through empathy and about the power of listening.


  • Communicators and social media! Want to use your talents to help our work?

  • Graphic designers: Got some kickass graphic design skills and want to contribute to female empowerment and gender equality ?

  • Developers: Are you an experienced or budding developer looking to add to your portfolio? Just fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

  • Fundraising: There is still time to get a beautiful t-shirt, mug, tote bag or diary with the bespoke work of artists and illustrators for Chayn Italia - all proceeds will help us going and the goods are sourced ethically. Check this out and share with friends.


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